Design Your Active Life:

Ditch the Rules, Find Your Fit

This masterclass, ‘Design Your Active Life: Ditch the Rules, Find Your Fit’, will show you how to break free from fitness myths and create an active lifestyle built on self-love and compassion. We’ll explore 3 simple steps to uncover the activities you truly enjoy, so you can actively engage in your life in ways that make you feel strong, energized, and happy. Ditch the guilt and build a sustainable routine that celebrates your unique body and brings you joy!

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Chaeli Mycroft: Active & Able Courses

This Masterclass is for you if…

  • You’ve spent a lot of time comparing yourself, your body, and your progress to others; and it’s left you feeling inadequate, discouraged, and deflated

  • You’ve fallen into an all-or-nothing mindset and you’ve been unable to commit to intense routines consistently and you feel stuck, not knowing what the next step is or how to get back on the horse

  • You’ve struggled to find a community or group where you feel accepted and understood – you’re missing a sense of belonging

Join this 1-hour Masterclass on how to design an active life built for you, rooted in self-love and compassion, and I’ll share my strategy to show how you can…

Design your active life: ditch the rules, find your fit