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Chaeli Mycroft - Author | Activist | Speaker | Athlete | Adventurer

About Me

I was born in Cape Town on 30 August 1994. At 9 years old I co-founded The Chaeli Campaign, which began as a fundraising initiative to raise funds for my first motorised wheelchair so that I could experience more independence. It is now a social justice organisation that focuses on inclusion, disability rights advocacy & support. This was my ‘official’ introduction to the world of disability rights activism. Living with cerebral palsy and being a wheelchair user for my whole life means that I have been advocating for my rights, for my whole life, even before we formalised The Chaeli Campaign.


Unapologetically Able

The life and laughs of living with disability by Chaeli Mycroft

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Unapologetically Able

A story about not being sorry. About living your life your way. Saying yes when everyone thinks it should automatically be no. And about the lighter moments on a journey that challenges everything you thought you knew about living with disability. In this intimate portrayal of a life already well lived, Chaeli takes us along on the journey and shows us what it takes to really, truly believe in yourself.

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Climbing Kilimanjaro is a bucket list item for many. Doing it in a wheelchair is unimaginable for most. This is …

Keynote Speaking

My activism is deeply rooted in relationships. It has taken me to so many incredible places, speaking on international stages, receiving life-changing awards and opportunities, and meeting the most amazing people along the way.

My mission when sharing my story is to build a deeper sense & understanding of what living a disabled life means, create space for questioning the status quo with honesty & vulnerability, and make sure you leave with new lessons & lenses from life well lived.

My Course: Active Living Legacy

I live in a world where I am constantly confronting & challenging stereotypes, especially when it comes to embracing my love for being active and going on adventures. I started my company, Active & Able, as part of that mission – creating safe spaces for people with all kinds of bodies, abilities, passions to embrace Active Living in a way that makes sense for them and their lifestyle.

I’ve developed a course (it’s coming soon… in the next few months) to help people who feel they don’t fit with the stereotypical image of ‘active’ and want to find ways to be their full selves, unapologetically. We’ll spend time unpacking and sharing the journey of sustainable and honest active living. If that sounds interesting and speaks to you, join the waitlist and I’ll make sure you get all the updates!

Chaeli Mycroft: Active & Able Courses