Unapologetically Able


25 years of living and laughing with my disability.



It’s a phrase that typically gets drilled into us so much when we are children that as adults many of us find the words automatically slipping out when we’ve done something we feel the world would disapprove of.

If I were to live my life according to what the world expects of me, I’d spend a lot of time apologising and a lot of time indoors. The world we live in doesn’t really have too many expectations of me – positive expectations, anyway. The world expects me to live up to the stereotypes of disabled people that others have created and have somehow indoctrinated us all into believing. It gets to me sometimes – the stereotypes, I mean. I haven’t always fully believed in my power and I’m still learning how to silence all the naysayers, especially the ones inside my head. I hope that this journey called life will eventually lead to a place where stereotypes no longer restrict disabled people and hinder us from striving for and achieving all that we are meant  to accomplish.

The world seems to expect that I should cause as little disruption or disturbance for those around me as possible and not take up too much able-bodied space or time.  You know what I have to say about that?